Around Round Rock


Although Round Rock doesn't have alot of sushi resturants there are a couple of pretty solid contenders in the Austin sushi scene. In fact, my second favorite (next to musashino) is oragami in RR.

Origami is a more traditional style sushi resturant but always has a good variety to choose from. The fish is never a let down and consistantly fresh. I also like the fact that they offer real, grated wasabi instead of that harsh green stuff that is squirted out of a tube. Service is always friendly and prompt and every piece from toro to aji is always delicious.

Beluga seems to focus more on american sushi and tries to be "hip. My personal preferance is simplicity and I dont care for flashy towers of fried rolls that are stuffed with chopped krab and wasabi. The quality isnt bad but I have definetly had a couple of pieces from there that were a little bit on the fishy after taste side. Service can be ify as well, I wouldnt recommend sitting at the bar if your mainly just there to eat.

Tokyo Steakhouse is pretty basic but they have good bento boxes and decent prices.

Sushi Nini is somewhat new, I havent eaten there yet but it looks more like a sports bar than a formal dinning experience.