Bad Service at Sushi Sake


I recently had lunch at Sushi Sake with three co-workers. I ordered the sushi special of the day and eagerly waited for its arrival. Everyone else received their food promptly, but I was informed that mine would quickly follow. One co-worker mistakenly received steamed rice instead of the fried rice that he ordered. This was quickly corrected. Meanwhile, I continue to wait for my food. Eventually everyone else at the table is finishing their large portions and it is almost time to return to work. At this point I am looking for the “server” so that I can cancel my order. I am ignored.

It is at this moment that we notice that there is a similar problem at the table next to ours. A lady is trying to cancel her hand roll order because her party had already finished eating lunch. Instead of canceling the order, a gentleman in a tie came to the table. He had a hand roll and told the woman that because it is already made she must eat it. We could not believe what we were hearing!

Finally, my sushi special arrived. We had been at Sushi Sake for an hour and everyone else was done eating, so I asked for a box. While waiting for a box that never comes, I finished my lunch. Despite this, I was not given any relief on my bill. When someone asked the server if they were short on sushi chefs she condescendingly responded that the questioner must be a very smart girl.

Sushi Sake lost a lot of business from us.

by Uni_lover on Thu, 2006-10-19 16:18
My friends and I went to lunch at Sushi Sake and had the same bad experience as the commentor above. We ordered their lunch specials and waited for our meals. 45 mins passed and we are still waiting for our meals. We asked our waitress if the order is ready and she apologized for the delay and told us she will check with the sushi chefs. She came back and informed us the chefs are still working on the meals and she apologized again for the delay. Since our lunch break was almost over we asked if we can have our order to go. The waitress complied and told us it would not take much longer. Another 15 mins passed and we decided to cancel our order and head back to the office. It was then the manager told us the sushi chefs had already prep the food and we need to wait for them to finish our order. We told the manager we needed to go and we want to cancel our orders. He ignored us and walked off talking to another waitress. We decided to talk to our waitress again explaining to her do not wish to wait for our order any longer and we will pay for our drinks and leave. It was then the sushi chefs called to her and handed her our order in to-go boxes. We reluctantly took our order and paid out. Of course, we were not given any relief on our bill. On top of that not once did the manager apologize for his rudeness or for the long wait for our food. The sushi in the to-go boxes tasted horrible. It was fishy and warm....pretty disgusting. I threw mine away as I do not wish to get sick from bad sushi. Needless to say my friends and I have been boycotting Sushi Sake ever since. Mikado lunch specials are great and we do not get bad service there.

by sylvie on Wed, 2006-11-08 19:18
I'm disappointed--I think they are content with barely passing inspection. Every so often I check the health scores on the City of Austin website. They never seem to improve--latest score was a 68. That's pretty bad for sushi.