Badass Bim Bab Not In Bubbaland

Sushi News: 

If you haven't noticed the brand spanking new shopping center near the corner of North Lamar Boulevard and Justin Lane, then perhaps you are not Korean. The stately shopping complex features a massive Asian market, liquor store, burger joint, billiard parlor, and state-of-the-art karaoke rental suites. And, by the way, they are all Korean-owned. The billiard parlor, karaoke suites, and Asian food store are open right now. Where else in Austin can you and your friends rent a private, soundproof, karaoke room, comfortably outfitted with high-tech audio and video, at 3am!!!!!! And BYOB!

Austin Karaoke
6808 N. Lamar Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78751
(512) 323-9822