Body Sushi Makes A Comeback

Sushi News: 

You saw it in the 1993 movie, Rising Sun ( ), when the affluent Japanese businessman eats sushi off of a naked woman's body. Now it may be available from a caterer near you.

Part of a larger trend in "interactive" dining events, body sushi is, simply put, pieces of sushi served on the mostly naked body of a young female model. The "sushi" woman is required to lie on a table perfectly still for up
to three hours. There is a pillow for her head and she may speak to guests if she wishes, but mostly she has to concentrate on steady breathing and other muscle control.

According to Gary Arabia, owner of the trendy LA catering business Global Cuisine, body sushi has a long tradition in Japan, but he first experimented with it ten years ago for a private celebrity event. He did it again for Rising Sun ( ). Three years ago, he began Global Cuisine and made body sushi part of his repertoire. Notably, he created it for the infamous "naked sushi" episode of The Surreal Life ( ).

Here's a nice picture ( ). Don't stare too hard