Consumer Reports On Salmon

Sushi News: 

The August issue of Consumer Reports magazine exposes the treachery of salmon wholesalers who try to pass off farm-raised salmon as wild salmon. The article linked here cites both health and cost concerns, as well as mislabeling:

"Of 23 supposedly 'wild' salmon fillets we bought last November, December, and March, during the off-season for wild-caught salmon, our analysis found only 10 that were definitely caught in the wild."

Farm-raised salmon, it turns out, has higher concentrations of pollutants than wild salmon, so wholesalers want to pass off their salmon as wild whenever possible.

Still, America loves salmon, apparently, and it's good for you too:

"The average American’s salmon consumption has quintupled in the past 16 years, and with good reason: The fish is high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and relatively low in mercury. "