FujiYama a decent replacement for Kyoto II


So I went and checked out Fujiyama, the replacement for Kyoto II. It was pretty good. I still don't think it replaces Kyoto II but that's to be expected, having new owners and all. Any way here are some details:

The Spicy Tuna roll was slightly different than most, but very good. Here they not only spice the tuna meat inside the roll, the roll itself has been rolled in hot Japanese spices, this roll gets very hot, very fast, order a beer. Good choose for the spicy food lover. :twisted:

Sushi prices were average, the specialty rolls were a little pricey for what you get. I would not recommend the Braker Roll, on the specialty roll list. The roll has salmon on the outside that is baked and then has a spicy mayo sauce on it. I think the roll would served better if it were cold, the warm salmon and the sauce do not complement each other that well, but that's just me. I would stick to the more traditional rolls and pieces. :?

Decor and ambience pretty much stayed the same. :roll:

Service was good and quick. :)

Overall Fujiyama is good, nothing spectacular, nothing bad. I would go back for the simple fact convenience.