Kaz in Washington D.C.


The best sushi experience I have ever had was at Kaz in Washington D.C. The place is small, so make a reservation. It's also pricey, but probably not that pricey by D.C. standards. My party of 4 spent $250, which included a bottle of wine. Kaz has great basics - yellowtail, fatty tuna, etc., but my absolute favorite was the monkfish liver. We got multiple orders of it, and it was to die for. We sat at the tiny bar in the back, which was extra special because every so often the sushi chef would toss us a few free samples when the whim struck him. Anyone know of a place in Austin that has monkfish liver? I've been looking for it locally every since. Anyway, if you are in D.C., and especially if you are on an expense account, think of Kaz.

by sashimikid on Wed, 2003-04-02 15:30
I'm a big fan of Sushi-Ko in Washington D.C.. It's right down the street from the Austin Grill, a wannabee Threadgills clone. :) I also like Perry's Sushi in D.C., but more for the spacious lounge ambiance than for the quality of the sushi.