Kenichi's Woes

Sushi News: 

Time flies when you're eating sushi. It's hard to believe that Kenichi is now one year old. Known for their high prices, their overly attentive black-clad serving staff, and their love of late 70's/early 80's rock and roll, Kenichi was serving up some fine sushi early last year. All we can say is: what happened?

After no less than six consecutive negative reports on the sushi quality at Kenichi, we are forced to downgrade them in our rankings. We don't know why things have gone downhill at Kenichi, but it just hasn't maintained the same quality that we experienced during their first few months of business. Their recent anniversary party, which featured discounted, and not particularly good, sushi, was the final straw.

And speaking of ratings, our new ratings page should be online by the end of May. It will feature an elaborate matrix of criteria that you can use to judge local sushi bars.