Local Body Sushi

Sushi News: 

It's hard to miss the special holiday issue of Cityfold Magazine (http://www.cityfold.com ) since its cover (http://www.austinsushi.com/newsletter_images/cityfold.html ) features model Juliana Gilchrist with bits of Japanese hors d'oeuvres down her spine, compliments of Uchi head sushi chef Tyson Cole. Cole is interviewed along with chef de cuisine Andrew Bell of Wink and David Garrido, executive chef at Jeffrey's. Cityfold is a high-quality, locally owned and produced, magazine that is also free. You can usually find a copy at your favorite local coffeeshop. Yum!

Side note: In practice, body sushi (pieces of sushi served on the mostly naked body of a female model) is proving to be controversial for the U.S. market. Witness the response (http://www.msnbc.com/news/995121.asp ) from one Seattle sushi bar that recently started offering it. Don't forget to wax and wear plastic wrap -- Yow!