New Restaurant: Little Tokyo



Just wanted to mention a new place that just opened on North Lamar at Rutland, in the corner of the shopping center with the Desperado Night Club. It's called Little Tokyo.

They serve sushi and some Japanese and Korean dishes, as well as a lunch buffet for $7.95. They're open until midnight on weekends and have a pretty fancy karaoke setup that tends to get going once the sake and soju start to be consumed on Friday and Saturday nights (maybe weekdays, too...).

The owner is Grandmaster Wonik Yi, who operates the Tukong Moosul school on 183, just up the road from Burnet. (It probably wouldn't be a good idea to hold up the place, or leave without paying your check!) :)

I've eaten there a couple of times now and have enjoyed it very much. I train at GM Yi's school, and I know most of the people running the place. They're a good group of folks who are interested in making this a fun spot. They've put a lot of effort into fixing up the place. It's a small, family-and friends operation, and that makes for a pleasant atmosphere.

If you're up north-ish, give them a try. Also, if you decide to train at the Tukong school, you'll get 10% off your meal at the restaurant.