New Sushi Bars Cometh And Goeth

Sushi News: 

New sushi bars are here......

Tomo, at 4101 W. Parmer Lane (phone: 512-821-9472), and Maru, at 4636 Burnet Road (phone: 512-458-6200). Post your reviews in our forums.

The Austin sushi landscape is leveling out these days with some old sushi bars leaving while others are breaking new ground.

New Sushi Sake Coming Soon

Mimosa and Jade are gone while Sushi Sake and Origami are expanding. Origami has opened Origami Express at the Northwest corner of Burnet Road and Anderson Lane, while Sushi Sake is opening a second location down in the 2nd Street Warehouse District(note the fanciful spelling of "wasabi" above).


by lender on Fri, 2008-02-22 06:03

Good pic!