OK, So I won't be going back Chinatown / Musachino without a


This is the most unreal offensive dining experience I've ever had.

3 friends and myself went for Sushi last night to Musachino, unfortunately they were closed but Chinatown, upstairs was open. (I don’t know why). Anyway, it wasn’t busy, we were seated right away. However it took 15 minutes for someone to take our drink order. It took another 15 minutes to bring our drinks and then take our orders. A couple sat down next to us and THEY didn’t get greeted / served for at least 15 minutes. OK, so maybe they were understaffed, I can deal with that because it was a Monday and everyone has bad nights.

The food was good and my friends and I had been there for so long at this point we were all just tired and wanted to go home. So we each paid and walked out. One of my friends was in the restroom while the rest of us were waiting out front in the car.

Suddenly our waitress runs outside, OPENS MY CAR DOOR and tells me I didn’t pay. She PULLS ME OUT OF THE CAR BY MY SHIRT AND SLAMS MY DOOR and tells me to go inside. So I go inside, very confused and a little self conscious at this point because I was scared like I could have possibly done something wrong. The waitress and I go upstairs to the hostess stand and the waitress said “He didn’t pay, no ticket..” So I was like, hey, here’s my receipt right here that I signed, the hostess matched it with the one she pulled from the register and I was like “OK, so what’s the problem”.. I looked at the waitress and she ran off.... like seriously ran into a back room. I asked the hostess if she was out of her mind and why were they causing such a scene. While I was standing there a woman came up and said to the hostess “Excuse me? We’ve been here for 45 minutes, where is our food?..” I looked at the hostess and said.. “yeh, i'm leaving now.."

I'm almost tempted to go back today and talk to the manager. Dunno, maybe I should just let it go? Sorry for the rant, but damn.