Oishi Sushi House??


Student budget and an affinity to sushi = buffet frequenter. Disgrace right? Hard to let myself spend much of my tiny allowance on a few pieces of sushi, even if I love it, but I have managed to scrape up enough to go to Oishi a few times but most recently when I went it wasn't open,.. Can anyone enlighten me to this buffet's fate?

by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 2004-08-08 05:30
A new place, Golden Harbor Buffet, just opened in Oishi's location. I tried it the other night for dinner. They have your basic sushi selections (tuna, salmon, red snapper, basic rolls, etc.) and one or two more creative things that they rotated in. Not bad for around ten bucks plus tip. They also have a selection of hot Chinese food and seafood dishes, although I went mostly for the sushi. This isn't your highest-class sushi, of course, but it was certainly OK. I am on a tight budget myself, and it was a lot of sushi for the price. I'd definitely go back.