Outsourced Sushi At Whole Foods

Sushi News: 

We couldn't miss the new sushi offerings in Whole Foods' deli case. Their previous mix of simple vegetarian and (mostly cooked) sushi have been replaced by a full line of raw fish nigiri and other standard sushi bar fare.

It turns out that Kikka Sushi, a California-based corporate sushi giant that employs sushi chefs in various cities to make sushi at Whole Foods stores, now has employees in Austin. Every morning, those employees make sushi inside the Whole Foods stores and place it in the refrigerated deli section.

While we here at Austinsushi.com are always somewhat suspicious of raw fish being sold in supermarkets, at least we know that the fish never sits around in the deli case for more than a day. One excited Whole Foods employee pointed out that they get to take home any leftover sushi EVERY day! Woot!

Kikka Sushi's Corporate Web Site (http://www.kikkasushi.com )