(un)Officially Launches

Sushi News:

According to lead developer Masahiko Noguchi, took five years to complete, and the new online sushi chef training site had three top Los Angeles-based sushi chefs involved from start to finish. For a mere $10 monthly tuition fee, the site offers you over 170 different classes (totalling some 7,000 web pages). They unofficially launched on September 1st, and, by the way, anyone can take their online classes -- not just sushi chefs. Here's the quick bullet-point list:

  • Online real-time interactive video instruction
  • 3-Way rotating instruction center for multimedia E-learning
  • Downloadable Lessons, recipies, nutritional data in PDF format
  • Over 300 Videos and over 10,000 photos
  • Professional instruction from beginning to advanced sushi training.
  • Online Note taking system
  • Message board
  • User administration center
  • Study at your own pace
  • Quick phone and email support
  • Resource and Links on how to obtain tools and sushi equipment