What happend to Kyoto II?


Anyone know what's up with Kyotot II up north? I went to grab sushi at Kyoto II up north and noticed that the restaurant is no longer Kyoto II, going to be something else. Does anyone know if this is just a name change, or did the whole restaurant turn over?


by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 2004-01-16 10:21
Yeah, I noticed that too. First they were closed to install those Hibachi stations that [u]never [/u]looked busy to me. Now they are closed again and the name is changing or something like that? What's going on? I hope they don't get rid of Ted. It's one of my FAVORITE north sushi places - and I hate to think I would have to go downtown for a Kyoto Roll now. :?: :!: :evil: :!: :?: