Where to get the gear: Asahi Imports

Sushi News: 

We've known for years that Asahi Imports is *the* place in Austin to find Japanese cooking gear, as well as associated trinkets. I bought my National rice cooker there seven years ago, as well as some serving trays and other supplies. Disclaimer: I've never bought their frozen raw fish.

Sally Matsumae, one of the owners, sent email to congratulate us on austinsushi.com and to remind us that they are "the only Japanese store in Austin."

"We carry virtually everything a person needs to start making sushi at home," she continues. "From Japanese rice to various vinegars to the actual sashimi-grade fish, we have it. The fish is frozen and comes sliced, so the only preparation needed is to thaw it out. (And we only carry the best quality fish available. We're very picky about our foods and especially when it comes to fish, so I can assure you that our customers are getting top-quality products.) We also carry sake, dishware and tea and sake sets, if you wanted to really have a Japanese setting."

Asahi Imports
100 W. North Loop
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 453-1850