Win A Free Gourmet Meal At Kenichi

Sushi News: 

Austin Sushi News staff reporter Ginger Milk tells us that Austin restaurant review site Dining Out With Rob Balon ( ) is holding a contest ( ).

The winner gets to have a grand meal with food critic Rob Balon at Kenichi ( ) and a night at the Driskill Hotel (we assume that's without Rob :-)). Just send Rob an email (no more than 300 words) telling him why you and your "party" (the site doesn't say how many people can be included) should be chosen for this special meal with Rob. The site also doesn't give a deadline for entries, but he does say he'll read the winning entry on his KLBJ AM talk radio show on February 22nd.

Rob promises a "30-year old Magnum of Dom Perignon" and a meal prepared personally by Kenichi's principle, Kenichi Kenada. We likey.