Hello. I'm Godzilla. You know, the one above MANIGA pizza on Guadalupe. First, I just want to say what an avid fan of austinsushi.com I am. I visit your website all the time. Here! Here! Well, seeing your comments on ZEN sushi, I felt it a moral imperative that I make a few comments myself.

Have you even gone to ZEN and seen a sushi chef with his or her her arms covered in rice? Do they not know that you can dunk your hands in some water and that will never happen?

Have you ever tasted the rice from a ZEN roll and almost immediately spit it back out? Did it have an overwhelming taste of way too much vinegar? Or did the rice seem almost rock hard?

But that is not the best part. The best part is when I see the chef (can I call them that?) cut the sushi with a butter knife. Yes, you read correctly--a butter knife.

HA. HA. HA... sigh... oh, well. I guess it serves me right. I guess in the end I should just go back to rampage metropolitan areas & eating the occassional pedestrian. Hell, the concrete from some buildings tastes better than ZEN sushi.