Zamfir Sucks! We Want Disco And Sake BOMBBBBBBBBBBBBSSSSS!

Sushi News: 

Since we first reported on this sushi gig almost two years ago ( ), DK's disco sushi night at Seoul Sushi Bar has become something of an Austin legend.

Every Monday night, owner DK dons his fur-fringed super-pimp garb with deluxe afro wig headgear and becomes the Korean Superfly -- emcee of a somewhat wild disco karaoke party featuring sushi and lots of sake bombs (beer + sake shots).

You may also have heard allegations of sexual misconduct, lewd behaviour, unsavory drunkenness, and nasty foul-mouthed invectives. I recently investigated these allegations and can assure you that they are all true. In fact, they're even listed on the menu.

DK will not be elected Governor anytime soon, but his sushi bar is standing room only every Monday night (get there early to assure prompt seating).

Why not check out a photo of "The Man"?

Seoul Sushi Bar
6400 S. 1st Street
(Between Stassney and William Cannon)
(512) 326-5807