The best will be back


I was an employee at Tanoshii from their opening to close. Many people came to enjoy our food and sake. Some customers I noted came in four to six times a week, but still it wasn't enough. WHAT HAPPENED?! Our lunch hours were getting very respectable thanks to all the DELL patrons, but it seemed that the money loss was because not enough people would come in for dinner times.
I knew a lot of people that were upset when they found out of the closure, myself included. Some told me that they could not go on. Tanoshii had excellent food at the best prices comparative to anywhere in Round Rock and the entire Austin area.
Alas their time is over, but your oppurtunity is not. I have recently found out that the location will reopen at the beginning of 2004. I believe that this time around many will find it to be a better experience in BLUE FIN. The new owner is from Houston where sushi is booming. I think that with his experience the pitfalls of Tanoshii will be minimized and his profits be maximized as well as the enjoyment of sushi patrons of Round Rock.
I hope to see many sushi and sake enthusiast in the new year.

Former Bartender of Tanoshii,
Randall Archer
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