[cough cough] Another New Sushi Bar.....

Sushi News: 

[yawn] I've lost count, but I think that Arirang Sushi is Austin's 35th sushi bar, and, like, the 12th new sushi bar in the past three years. Feel the excitement as we herald the coming of another new sushi bar. [stretch][yawn] I'm just so pumped with this news that I'm going to go eat some tuna fish packed in sunflower oil and finish it off with a mini-can of Pringle's.

Ok, I'm back. The business model for sushi must be looking good because Arirang opened up directly across the street from another sushi bar, Sake On Sixth. Arirang Sushi is a Korean-owned establishment that features "Bibimbab & Noodles" as well as the usual sushi treats.

Arirang Sushi
616 E. 6th Street
(512) 480-2211

And....we've also been alerted to another new restaurant, Little Tokyo, that serves sushi but does not have a sushi bar. Thus, they do not get listed on Austinsushi.com. We have rigorous standards here and you must have a sushi "bar" to qualify as a sushi bar. They don't have a sushi bar, however, they do have a pretty classy karaoke setup, and, they are open 5pm-midnite, 7 days a week. Don't be surprised if the staff urges you to get up and sing a few bars amidst their array of Sony Trinitrons.

Little Tokyo
9515 N. Lamar Blvd. #230
(512) 339-0880