"IRON CHEF" at 183/Burnet ?


[color=darkblue]Drove by (or rather crawled by on the ice) today and noticed banners reading [b]"IRON CHEF COMING SOON"[/b] on the northwest corner of the shopping center at 183 & Burnet--same location as Benihana, opposite end. Does anyone have any idea what kind of quasi-Asian buffet installation this might end up being?

I read online quite awhile ago (before Mikado opened) that there would be a [i]"traditional izakaya"[/i] opening in that area... But I couldn't imagine someone putting work into something like that and calling it "Iron Chef."[/color]

by emcee on Mon, 2003-05-19 10:33
Noticed on Wednesday that Iron Chef had a "NOW OPEN" sign hanging in front, but it was closed for the evening. I stopped by last night to take a look. I discovered that they opened on Monday (5/12/03), are a high-end Chinese place, and they also serve sushi. They also disclaimed any relation to the TV show. A quick look at the menu showed a variety of distinct individual dishes - rather than the traditional Chinese menu with many variations of the same dish - and a pan-Asian touch. Prices ranged from about $8-$25 for entrees. I had already eaten, so I can't comment on the quality of the food or sushi, but the staff was friendly and the decor was attractive. I must admit that Hyottoko got my hopes up for "a traditional izakaya" but the place looks good, and I plan on giving it a try this week. Matt @8^1

by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 2003-06-06 01:23
IRON CHEF is a nice chinese restaurant, but it's nothing more than another PF Changs. To elaborate: great food but overpriced. (much like PF Changs, although i may have to side on PF Changs for better tasting food.) The decor is very nice & hip, which isn't surprising since the owner of IRON CHEF is the same as UMI SUSHI. :) The wait staff were extremely friendly. :D The bar (not sushi bar-they dont have one) was nicely done and fully stocked as well. :D OVERALL: :? although the decor & service were great, the food was still overpriced chinese & the sushi was pretty good but nothing great. :( i must admit that i am slightly bias against them as they are simply using the name IRON CHEF to capitalize off the tv show's popularity, :evil: which i'm certain they'll run into trouble at some point in the future. ADVICE: go to chinatown