Sushi Bars In Transition (Welcome 2012!)

It took a few years for the economic bust to trickle down to Austin area sushi bars, but trickle down it did, and an epic number of sushi bars closed in 2010-2011. Some compression was inevitable, given the huge growth of sushi bars in the mid-2000's, but, surprisingly, some of the old sushi bars have merely been replaced with new ones. During that same period, 8 new (or re-opened) sushi bars have replaced some of the closed ones for a net loss of only 2 sushi bars. Not too shabby.

The dead list:

Korea Garden / KG Sushi Train
Sushi Caliente
Sushi Den
Sushi Sake (downtown)
Yume Sushi Bar and Grill

In their place have risen some new bars during the same 24 months:

AFin Modern Japanese Tapas (was KG Sushi Train)
Bar Chi (was Sushi Sake downtown)
Cho Sushi
Jino's Sushi and Bistro
Nagoya Steak and Sushi
Roll On Sushi

Check out the new locations on the revised sushi bar map.