the truth about uchi


Uchi was soooo good what the hell happen to them. Ever since tast-ski left, the place when downhill. wtf. the nigiri look like shit and the sashimi look like liquid shit. All Hail task-ski the dude with the tatoo and his favorite color is black. the dude live down south austin. I dont know where he works but if anybody knows please let me know.

by mcap on Wed, 2006-06-28 21:43
This is Mike from Uchi. I assume you are a buddy of Tast-ski. Sorry to dissappoint you, but any correlation between Tast-ski's dismissal and our sushi quality is purely in your mind. Sorry, but he ain't all that. Now, if Tyson, Vu, Ricky or Masa left, you might have a point.... I hope Tast-ski is doing well whever he ends up. Maybe you can open up a sushi bar and make him your head chef.... P.S. Tast-ski only did rolls, not pieces or sashimi.