Austin Sushi News  #25  February, 2003


1. Two New Sushi Bars!
2. The Forums are Here Plus More ASS
3. **** Free Sushi ****
4. Same Fresh Beats, New Location

Sushi Noise for Austin, Texas --

1. Two New Sushi Bars!

That's right kids. Two new sushi bars have opened,
Sushi Niichi and Dragon Gate (thanks to Ed for the tip).
Both are relatively small, but nicely appointed, sushi bars. 

Sushi Niichi is the University area's first real sushi bar** and
it's located right next to our favorite bubble tea and
Sanrio outlet, Momoko.

Dragon Gate, located in Westlake next to Breed and Company, 
has a sushi bar, a comprehensive
menu of Chinese food, and even a couple of Teppanyaki tables

(** The now defunct Banzai wasn't really a sushi bar, 
though they served sushi)

Sushi Niichi
705A W. 24th Street
(next to Momoko)
(512) 469-7424

Dragon Gate
3663 Bee Caves Road
(next to Breed and Company)
(512) 328-6776

2. The Forums Are Here Plus More ASS

The Forums are here --- yeah, you asked for
it.  Austin Sushi Noise, a wholly-owned subsidiary
of Austin Sushi News Mega-corp Ltd, is now open
to serve your noisy needs. Got a favorite sushi bar? Pissed
off by my lame attempts at "hip" humour? Don't like
the fonts on the website? Met someone
at an Austin Sushi Society party and want to "discuss"?  
Now you got a place to yak about it.

And by the way....the Austin Sushi Society (ASS) switches 
their monthly sushi-fest to a private location this month --
Valentines Day at the Kathy Womack Art Gallery ( 
For details, and to get on their mailing list, 
send email to

3. **** Free Sushi **** 

"Free sushi" - the words doth slide off my tongue as if the
worlds had collided and only myself and sushi did exist anon.....

So get yer arse down to the Whisky Bar!
Every Friday from 5:30pm to 8:00pm free sushi is served.
Terence Smith, sole proprietor of Sushi By Night (,
sets up and dishes out the sushi (he's also available for your
soirees, bar mitzvahs, IPO parties, and garden affairs). 

California rolls, veggie rolls, and Philadelphia rolls are
free, or you can choose to pay from their menu of more
involved assemblages. 

Whisky Bar
303 W. 5th Street
Fridays, 5:30pm - 8:00pm

4. Same Fresh Beats, New Location

Our favorite funky-fresh sushi DJ, Aaron Morris, has moved his
"Sushi Lounge Thursday" from Pango's to Sake on Sixth.

Itıs now Sushi Lounge Thursday from 8pm-Midnight at Sake on Sixth.
-- and also Saturdays, with Merrick Brown and Aaron Morris, from 8pm-2am. 

Sushi Lounge Thursday

Sake on Sixth
621-A E. 6th Street
(512) 478-8788