Austin Sushi News  #16 March, 2002

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1. YET ANOTHER new sushi bar...........!  :-D
2. Readers Tell Their Sushi Virginity Stories
3. New Edamame Bowls
4. Send Spam Sushi To A Friend


1. YET ANOTHER new sushi bar...........!  :-D

So much for the prophesized demise of the Austin
sushi scene. Long live the meteoric rise!

Since they opened last October, Pango Tea Bar has quickly
made a name for itself as Austin's premier high-end tea
and coffee establishment.  As reported in the October, 2001
edition of Austin Sushi News, they also serve sushi.

This month, they became Austin's 23rd sushi bar by
building a sushi bar.  We haven't sampled the wares
yet, but  the word on the street is that it's good and
they may serve sushi until 2am on weekends.  Yow!

Pango Tea Bar
718 Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas
phone: (512) 478-8899


2.  Readers Tell Their Sushi Virginity Stories

Have you lost your sushi virginity? Erin B. did, and lived to tell about
it.  You can submit your story by clicking the link on the home page of

Erin B. writes:
It was with my current boyfriend, although he wasn't my boyfriend at the
time. I actually remember having a conversation over sushi that very night
about how he "would make a terrible husband." Although I'm not so opposed
to the idea now.... Anyhow, it was at Sushi Sake, and he was nice and
gentle, he didn't start me out with octopus right away....I remember having
a little trouble with the alaska roll, but as always, their caterpillar
roll is one of the more beautiful things I think I've seen in my life. It
was a wonderful experience and I am now an avid sushi fan. I'm also a fan
of the boy who pushed me into losing my sushi virginity -- it was about


3.  New Edamame Bowls

Seapoint Farms, makers of those bags of frozen edamame (young soybeans)
that you
can find in the frozen foods section at Whole Foods, have unveiled
six new pre-prepared rice bowls.  Each microwaveable bowl contains
rice, edamame, and some vegetables with seasoning.  I've only tried three
flavors so far. The sweet and sour version was pretty good but a bit too
sweet for my tastes.
Adding some salted mixed nuts to the bowl helped.

You can find them in the frozen foods section at Whole Foods, or online......

4.  Send Spam Sushi To A Friend!

No, not *that* kind of Spam!  We're talking about Hormel Spam rolled up
inside of seaweed paper.......

(Thanks to Dewey for this tasty link!)