Austin Sushi News #26  March, 2003

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1. New Sushi Column Debuts!
2. Competition Heats Up On 183
3. The Sushi Seals Will Take America By Storm!
4. Austin Sushi Society On Hiatus


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1. New Sushi Column Debuts! debuts a new column this month with a stunning
three-part sushi crawl that takes the reader on a perilous eleven
hour journey through the heart of Austinıs sushi industrial complex. 
³La Vida Sushi² is the name of Jeremy Kraybillıs new column. 
He and his cohorts periodically binge on sushi and live to tell about it.

Lots of PHOTOS too!!!!!!!


2. Competition Heats Up On 183

With the opening of a sushi bar inside of Kobe Japanese
Steakhouse (, the corner of 183 and Anderson 
Mill Road has become an all-out sushi melee with Kobe joining 
Osaka on the Southwest corner, and Midori on the Northeast corner. 
Is there sufficient business to sustain them all?  Only time will tell.

And Speaking Of 183....
Various Austin Sushi News readers have pointed out that
there's an "Iron Chef" sign up on a location currently
under remodel at the Southwest corner of 183 and Burnet
Road. Anyone with a clue about this new venue, please drop
us a line.


3. The Sushi Seals Will Take America By Storm!

Š..or so this web site would lead you to believe.
The Sushi Seals Family is a wildly popular animated series in
Japan about a family of, well, sushi seals. They look sort
of like seals, but also like pieces of sushi (see the web site
for a picture). 

The web site sez: ŒThe sushi seals are a happy seal family that lives 
in today's times.  The concept behind The Sushi Seals Family 
is "Teletubbies" meets "South Park"ı


4. Austin Sushi Society On Hiatus

Holly, progenitor of the ASS (Austin Sushi Society),
writes that Austin Sushi Society meetings are on hiatus
while she deals with a number of issues and builds her
new website:

Her events will soon be featured in a regular column 
in "In" pocket Magazine with an inaugural monthly issue coming out in April...