Austin Sushi News  #18 May, 2002

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1. Mikado Open NOW
2. Japan, Texas Web Site
3. Musashino Now Open For Lunch
4. More Sushi Media Noise


1. Mikado Open NOW

Mikado, Austin's 24th sushi bar, opened today (Friday, May 24th).
It's located at the old "Mother of Pearl's" location,
9033 Research Blvd  (the NE quadrant of Burnet road and 183).

9033 Research Blvd
(NE quadrant of Burnet road and 183)
(512) 833-8188


2. Japan, Texas Web Site

Curtis Hoffmann, curator of the "Japan, Texas"  web
site, dropped us a note.  His web site lists Japanese shops
and businesses in Texas and around the U.S..
If you're looking for specific Japanese foods, newspapers,
or other cultural items, it's a good place to start.


3.  Musashino Now Open For Lunch

Musashino, our number one rated sushi bar, now opens
their upstairs mini-sushi bar for lunch from 11am-2pm, Monday-Friday.

We hope they maintain the quality of their downstairs venue.


4. More Sushi Media Noise

Sushi, undeterred by the ebb and flux of Austin's economy,
marches onward, and the local paparrazzi can't get enough of it.
The Austin Chronicle's exhaustive two-part review of Austin sushi bars
appeared in their
May 10th and May 17th issues, and it's already out of date (see #1 above).
Props out to Chronicle food writer Wes Marshall who cites as a
web site that "we love" in part two of the review.

On the Statesman side, their Austin360 web site now features
somewhat updated sushi listings that you can sort by neighborhood, cuisine,
and price.  The first two entries (Azuma and Banzai) are out of business,
and they list a number of alternate sushi sources (Buffet Palace, etc.),
but, hey,
it's a sushi listing.

The Austin Citysearch web site has also streamlined their listings with
with a reasonably comprehensive listing of sushi bars that can also be
sorted by various categories.

Austin Chronicle, two-part sushi guide --

Austin360 sushi listings --

Austin Citysearch listings --