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Austin Sushi News

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Get A Job At Uchi(ko)

The new Uchi "North" location is breathlessly close to something - I'm not sure what - at the corner of 43rd and Lamar, and, if you're looking for a gig in the raw seafood industry, they're having a hiring event on Wednesday, May 19th. UchikoIf you can't make it, just email your resume and cover letter to this Uchi email addy. If Executive Chef Tyson Cole's Twitter feed and personal blog are any indication, the new space will be delightfully stylish with lots of natural wood touches. I'm mainly hoping that the new location will reduce the wait at the South location. :-D

HDYR Downtown Opens...Whenevs....

As reported in the last edition of Austin Sushi News, our favorite roll-your-own sushi place, How Do You Roll, is set to open a downtown location at 454 W 2nd Street, and the wait has been taking...well...let's just say it's a moving target. The latest suggestion is an "early June" opening with the official announcement to be displayed soon on their Facebook page. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy their other online assets, like the blog and their new Flickr photo stream.

Farm Raised Unagi Now A Reality

Japanese scientists have recently managed the first successful farm bred eel. Until now, small eels were captured in the wild and then transferred to farms. But wild stocks have been depleted, raising fears of extinction, according to this story from the Houston Examiner. The story points out that:

"While the researchers note that the technology used is still extremely costly, and others have mentioned the need for the determination of the safety and taste of these artificially raised eel, a means to save the animal from overfishing and possible extinction have been found. "

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