Austin Sushi News  #19 June, 2002

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1. Odaku II will open soon
2. Edamame Pot Pies
3. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Comes To Austin
4. Pango Serves Beats (Sushi Lounge Thursdays)
5. Buffet Palace South Opens


1. Odaku II will open soon

In the year 2054,  there will never be a need for Austin Sushi News,
because a trio of genetically modifed "pre-cogs" will be able to
predict where and when someone will open a sushi bar.  But like any good sci-fi
movie plot (I'm ripping off the new movie, "Minority Report", can't you
tell?) things aren't
what they seem.  Did they get it wrong or will a sushi bar actually appear? 
When will these sushi fiends be brought to justice?

This is really gripping, so I'll come clean and let y'all know that
Odaku II will likely open later this week.  They aren't a sushi bar,
however -- because they don't have a sushi *bar*.  It looks like they're
going the Japanese "fast food" route.  Check it out.

Odaku II
7901 Cameron Road #5C
(NE corner of 183 and Cameron Road)
(512) 837-2344


2.  Edamame Pot Pies

Seapoint Farms, makers of those bags of frozen edamame that you
can buy at Whole Foods, has expanded their line of frozen fast foods with new
rice bowls, veggie blends, and pot pies. 

Their "all-natural homestyle" pot pies are made using the finest Albanian
hash oil
along with a puree of Afghan skunk.  The result
is a somewhat fruity taste that quickly transforms your mealtime
into a transcendent experience.  Oh yeah, and they have edamame in
them too.

The rice bowl line, which we've previously reported
on in these pages, has been expanded with new combinations such as
Vegetable Fried Rice and Teriyaki Vegetable.  The veggie blends are simply
pre-mixed blends of edamame and other vegetables that are designed
to be added to stir frys.


3. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Comes To Austin

A new Kobe Japanese Steakhouse will open at the end of
August, according to the owner, but will  it have real Kobe beef?
The owner says he has a supplier, but that it will depend on "demand"
whether or not they put it on the menu.

What's so special about Kobe beef? According to one web site on
the subject:

"Kobe Beef is a legendary delicacy of Japan, a type of beef that is so
well marbled that it goes right off the charts for Prime grading in
any other country. The meat ends up looking like it has been left
out in the snow because of the intensiveness of the white fat
marbling -- rivals foie gras for richness and caloric content,
and costs an obscene amount, often $300 a pound or more for
the real thing from Japan. "

We'll see what they offer in August..............

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse
Anderson Mill and 183
(Southwest corner)
(512) 288-7333


4. Pango Serves Beats (Sushi Lounge Thursdays)

Perhaps inspired by Seoul Sushi Bar's monday night disco party (has anyone
been lately? Is it still going on?), or maybe Avenue A Sushi in
Manhattan, which has a sushi bar in back and a dance area up front,
Pango's Tea Bar has added a DJ spinning every thursday night from
9pm to midnite starting June 27th.  DJ AM (AKA Aaron Morris) sets up his
turntables to pump out bossa, nuJazz, downbeat, brokenbeat, and deepHouse

Pango's Tea Bar
718 Congress Ave
Thursday Nights starting June 27th
9pm - Midnight

Avenue A Sushi
103 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
(212) 982-8109


5. Buffet Palace South Opens

Buffet Palace's new South location (across the street from
the Westgate Theatre) is by far the swankest chinese buffet
in town and, by the way, does feature a number of sushi rolls on the
buffet.  It does *not* have a sushi bar, though, as their
ad in the Austin Chronicle seems to suggest.

Instead of the usual tacky Trammel-Crow industrial strip-mall cafeteria
furnishings, the Buffet Palace folks have designed a standalone
facility with an almost clinical Norwegian, or perhaps German Swiss,
ambiance. The place is quite large, spare and clean, with high ceilings.
This pseudo-European ambiance is offset by screaming kids and big guys
with gimme caps.  Have fun.........

Buffet Palace South
4608 Westgate Blvd
(512) 892-1800