Austin Sushi News,  July, 2001

Sure, you could invest or save GW's tax kickback, but we
recommend blowing it on the cocaine of sushi:
several of those giant black lacquer schooners full of sashimi from
Musashino. Ohhhhhhhhhh.



1. Tokyo Japanese Restaurant opens.....
2. Yet Another New Sushi Bar ????!!!
3. We Hit The Big Time....

1. Tokyo Japanese Restaurant opens.....

As prophesized in a previous Austin
Sushi News Flash, Tokyo Japanese Restaurant opened on the
questionable date of Friday, July 13th.
We checked out Westlake's first sushi bar and
had an enjoyable, and relatively inexpensive, meal.
Word to the owner: charge more and get some fresher fish.

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant
3201 Bee Caves Road, Suite 100
(512) 306-9191
That's the Southeast quadrant of Bee Caves Road and Walsh Tarlton in
the shopping center.

2. Yet Another New Sushi Bar ????!!!

Is there no shame to these trendy restaurateurs?
The Snow Pea, an established restaurant serving
Chinese and Korean food, has now added a sushi bar.
At this rate, every neighborhood
in Austin will soon have its own sushi bar.
[clenches fist and pulls it down with arm bent] --> Yesss!

Snow Pea Restaurant
3706 Jefferson Street
(512) 454-3228

3. We Hit The Big Time....

Get this: toro sashimi, $15 per piece. Yes, per *piece*.
But this wasn't just any old over-priced sushi bar.
This was Kuruma Zushi, considered by some to be the best
sushi bar in the United States.
Located in midtown Manhattan, I sampled their
wares on July 12th, 2001.
The Kohada (spotted sardine) and Shima Aji (yellow jack),
both flown in fresh from Japan, were outstanding.

Kuruma Zushi Restaurant
7 E. 47th Street, 2nd floor
New York, NY
(212) 317-2802