Austin Sushi News  #20  July, 2002

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1.  Japanese Food Comes to '04
2.  New Downtown Noodles
3.  Japanese Steakhouse Fever?
4.  Private Sushi Chef Services

1.  Japanese Food Comes to '04

It was only a matter of time before some Asian flava hit
the Soco strip in South Austin, 78704.  Zen Japanese Food Fast is adding
their second location by remodeling the old City Tile Company
building just 2 doors down from the Continental Club.

It's a pretty sweet business model -- take the high margins on sushi
bar fare and serve it in a "fast" food setting == $$$$.

Opening late August.

Zen Japanese Food Fast
1305 S. Congress
No phone yet

Zen Japanese Food Fast
2900 W. Anderson Lane #250
phone: (512) 451-4811

2.  New Downtown Noodles

Though I dug the ham sub served by surly musicians who
had been up late drinking Shiner Bock,  that kind of authentic
Austin ambiance simply didn't match the new swanky tile exterior that Kenichi
had carved out at the corner of 5th and Colorado.
Thus, "Noodle-ism, A Noodle & Tea House"  was borne on July 10th,
replacing the old Delaware Subs location next to Kenichi.

The good news:  cold soba noodles in dipping sauce.
The bad news: $6 for packaged spaghetti-style soba noodles, dipping sauce,
and a bowl of miso.

Still, it tasted good and was served on a nice bento box setup.
We give them the hi-five for a pleasantly designed interior (dig that
swinging metal shelf!)  and a menu that's all over the map  -- fettucine,
cannelloni, rice noodles, udon, soba, ramen, and seafood bisque.  Oh yeah, no
sushi, but there's some raw-ish tuna and salmon in their salads.

107 W. 5th Street
phone: (512) 275-9988

3. Japanese Steakhouse Fever?

As you may recall from last month's edition of Austin Sushi
News, a Kobe Japanese Steakhouse will open in late August at
183 and Anderson Mill Road.

Meanwhile, we just discovered that Kyoto II is remodeling half of their
sushi bar to
create a Japanese Steakhouse as well.  And it will open
in late August.  Coincidence, or the tip of another boom?

Kyoto II
4815 W. Braker Lane #580
Phone: (512) 346-5800

4.  Private Sushi Chef Services

To all those folks who haven't been affected by
the high tech bubble burst:   eat me!!!!!

Ok, I meant: eat sushi!!!!

Nat Sawatphadungkij (no relation to Apu Nahasapeemapetilon) is still
slinging his
freelance sushi for your bar mitzvahs, weddings, private
soirees, and gay salons.  By day, he's a professional sushi
chef. By night, he can prepare professional quality
sushi in your kitchen.

I recently attended a sushi party he was hired to cater and the sushi was
excellent -- three kinds of rolls, lots of nigiri and sashimi,
all professionally prepared and served on large wooden boats to the
oohs and ahs of the assembled crowd.

Surprisingly affordable, but not cheap.

Nat in the Kitchen
Phone: (512) 797-6897