Austin Sushi News  August, 2001



1.  THIS FRIDAY: Momoko's 5th anniversary celebration!
2.  How Many NEW Sushi Bars Can Austin Handle!!!??
3.  Busted!!!! Azuma Express Gets Nailed

1.  THIS FRIDAY: Momoko's 5th anniversary celebration!

Is it Bubble Tea Time again? Hold on, lemme check my
Pom Pom Purin wristwatch........

Yeah, those darn cute folks at Momoko Bubble Tea Room and
Momoko Energy Supply Station, fresh off their successful
indie Japanese fashion show,  are at it again.
Celebrating 5 long years in Austin, their
5th anniversary party lasts all day this Friday, August 10th.

Will there be sushi? Maybe. Will it be cute? Definitely.
And speaking of cute, check out their fine selection of Tare Panda
merchandise. Tare Panda is one of the most popular cartoon
characters in Japan, and, duh, pandas are cute.

[Momoko's web site,, may
get updated with this info, but don't count on it]

Date: Friday, August 10th
Location:  705 W. 24th Street

5th Anniversary Party Schedule of Events:

Lunch Special On Small Wheels
11am-12:30pm (1st section)
1pm-2:30pm (2nd section)
Pick a section and pay $19.95 for an UNLIMITED
amount of Japanese food during that time. (Food
selections by Momoko's chef, and YOU MUST
PRE-REGISTER IN ADVANCE so they know how
much food to make. Call 469-0232 or drop by
their store for details).

1pm-3pm Screenings of Japanese Anime.

3pm-3:30pm Momoko Crazy Sale -- bargains and deals on gift items.

3:30pm-5pm Bubble Tea Sample Special. $5 gets you five different flavors
of bubble tea selected by Momoko.

5pm-6pm "Most Appreciated Customer" Contest. Submit a short description
of your feelings about Momoko. Winner gets a secret prize.

6pm-7pm Momoko Tea Time Special. Purchase a bubble tea and get a free
slice of cake.

7pm-8pm Dinner Party -- MEMBERS ONLY. (Momoko members have paid a
$35 annual fee that gets them 10% off store merchandise).

8pm-10pm Japanese Costume and Pop Music Party. Includes Momoko carnival

2.  How Many NEW Sushi Bars Can Austin Handle!!!??

At least one more, apparently.
Sure to spark a local sushi war, Midori Sushi is
located across the street from Osaka, way up
at the corner of 183 and Anderson Mill Road.

Of course, we welcome anything that might
lower prices and increase the quality of the local
sushi scene even if it means a brutal, protracted
price war and gruesome mud-slinging.  Where's the
clan-yakuza (Japanese mafia) when ya need 'em ?

In any case, by the looks of the raw concrete interior,
Midori won't finish out their 2000 square foot
space for at  least another 6-8 weeks or

Midori Sushi
13435 U.S. Highway 183 North, Suite 301,
NE quadrant of 183 and Anderson Mill Road,
next to the Albertsons.
No phone number yet.
3.   Busted!!!! Azuma Express Gets Nailed

Ever wonder what kind of ratings local eateries
get from the Health Department?  KXAN's local TV news show
frequently reports their findings in a segment
called "Food For Thought". They also
have a complete online archive of the same name.

Every so often, regrettably, a sushi bar gets a sub-par rating. The
latest to get busted for uncleanliness is the fast-food
sushi establishment, Azuma Express.  Citing dirty
bamboo mats used to make sushi rolls, and employees
who didn't wash their hands before entering from
the outside, they scored a 67 out of 100 (any score less
than 70 gets cited and requires a follow-up inspection).

(By comparison, Musashino scored an 82 on their last
inspection -- September, 2000)

KXAN's Food For Thought site:

KXAN's latest streaming video report is also online: