Austin Sushi News #21 August, 2002



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1. YANSB -- The Mimosa Cafe (GRAND OPENING TOMORROW!) 2. New Ratings Page Y'all!
3. Suzi's China Grill To Add Sushi Bar
4. Unctuous and Newsworthy Notes


Do I need to spell it out? -- "Yet Another New Sushi Bar" .....sheesh Austin's 25th sushi bar is opening up on Barton Springs road. 

Taking up residence across the street from Flipnotics is the Mimosa Cafe. The location was formerly occupied by Good Eats, and, more recently, Henry's Restaurant Y Cantina. It has undergone substantial interior
remodeling and now sports a cleaner look. 

The owner says: "THEY [sic] HAVE GRAND OPENING TOMORROW" That's Wednesday, August 28th!!! Hours are expected to be 11am to 10pm. Call before going.

The Mimosa Cafe
1530 Barton Springs Road
Austin, Texas
(512) 494-0202

2. New Ratings Page Y'all!

Our new ratings page is up. It's slick and tasty and has much more info than before, but still not nearly as much as we want. We'll be cramming it full of more info soon.

3. Suzi's China Grill To Add Sushi Bar

Our operatives, under deep cover in far North Austin, recently relayed this tidbit via secure fax:

Suzi's China Grill at Shoal Creek and Anderson Lane will soon install a sushi bar inside. It should open in late October. 

Suzi's China Grill
7858 Shoal Creek Blvd
(corner of Shoal Creek and Anderson Lane) (512) 302-4600

4. Unctuous and Newsworthy Notes

We got mentioned in the Austin Chronicle again. They spelled my name wrong (it's Levitt, not Leavitt, sheesh!), but I was touched, nonetheless. You rule Virginia!!!!! 

Meanwhile, the New York Times was busy sniffing out the oh-so-obvious trends and arrived at this drug-reference-in-a-headline (because everyone knows that sushi tastes best when you're really stoned): 

"Sushi Cooks Are Rolling Their Own" 

Amongst the boring quotes from people who, for one reason or another, have made some sushi for themselves, was one interesting point: 

According to Dr. David Lurie, an assistant professor of Japanese history and literature at Columbia University, the California roll, a stout roll of avocado, imitation crab (actually compressed pollock) and cucumber, was perhaps the first sushi variant to be developed in North America. It is believed to have originated in Los Angeles in the late 60's or early 70's, where the avocado may have stood in for raw tuna, with its unctuous texture.