Austin Sushi News  September, 2001

Welcome to Austin Sushi News, a friendly by-product of
the sushi website for Austin, Texas,

Once every month or so, we bring you the latest scoop on sushi bars and
related matters in Austin, Texas.  


1. WWW.AUSTINSUSHI.COM comes online!
2. Yes yes yes, another NEW sushi bar in Austin......
3. Austin's Bubble tea mania
4. American-Statesman plagiarism
5. ?!


1. WWW.AUSTINSUSHI.COM comes online!


We couldn't stand being a mere appendage of any more. We're live now and
we've got new features, as well as the same old
recycled crap in a much tighter and neater
package. Let's hear it for the Internet [snore].

2. Yes yes yes, another NEW sushi bar in Austin......

Azuma Express, Austin's oldest fast-food
sushi establishment, has bit the dust.  Arising
from its ashes is Odaku, a remodeled sushi
bar under new ownership.  This is not fast-food
sushi any more, though they've retained Azuma
Express' phone number and address.

Within spitting distance of Austin's new Fry's store (,
the ultimate geek shopping destination, Odaku may do well.
It's still small and cozy but the remodeling job
is sharp. Check'em out.

2501 W. Parmer Lane, Suite 500
(In the shopping center at the Southeast quadrant of Parmer Lane and Mopac)
Phone: (512) 834-9304

3. Austin's Bubble tea mania

Bubble tea is huge in Taiwan, Japan, and
other parts of southeast Asia, but
it has only recently been sold in Texas.

Momoko ( has
offered it in Austin for quite some time now,
but now other establishments are jumping on
the bandwagon. Notably, CoCo's Cafe (1910 Guadalupe, 236-9398) and
Jegimajo! ( Bubble tea is
typically very sweet caffeinated tea that is shaken to
create a pseudo-carbonation effect (thus the "bubbles" in
bubble tea).  It comes in many unusual flavors, and
with various types of gelatinous add-ins called pearls.

The History Of Bubble Tea

The Austin Chronicle did a story on Bubble Tea recently:

4. American-Statesman plagiarism

We're honored, and just a bit miffed, to
be plagiarized in the September 13th Xlent
section of the Austin-American Statesman.
That section's sushi cover story, written
by Statesman food writer Dale Rice, has
a sushi "map" of Austin (p. 12) which was clearly
lifted directly from our web site.  How do we
know?  Dale didn't even both to edit our detailed
location descriptions, such as: "on the south side
of U.S. 183, in the shopping center with Brick
Oven Pizza.....".

5. ?!

Kenichi has a pretty cool restaurant in Austin, but we're
still puzzled why they let their web site domain name lapse.
As of August 30th, is officially gone, and the name
is now owned by some company in Seoul, Korea. We miss those mouth-watering