Austin Sushi News #58 - September 30th, 2011
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Sushi Bars In Transition
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Another new sushi bar....

October 1st: International Sake Day Celebration

October 1st is International Sake Day, and in Austin, it will yield a number of Sake firsts thanks to local brewer Texas Sake: "...the introduction of the first Sake kura (brewery) in the USA in almost 15 years, the first Texas kura, and the first organic-only kura outside of Japan," according to their website.

Not only all of that, but they're located in the heart of Austin at 5501 North Lamar Blvd. Find out more details and get tickets for their International Sake Day celebration here:

Now do the sake dance!

sake dance

Sushi Meetups has a few Austin-area sushi meetups (well, really only one). It's Addicted To Sushi.

Sushi Bars In Transition

It took a few years for the economic bust to trickle down to Austin area sushi bars, but trickle down it did, and an epic number of sushi bars have closed since the last edition of Austin Sushi News (15 months ago). Some compression was inevitable, given the huge growth of sushi bars in the mid-2000's, but, surprisingly, some of the old sushi bars have merely been replaced with new ones. During that same period,  6 new (or re-opened) sushi bars have replaced some of the closed ones for a net loss of only 4 sushi bars. Not too shabby.

The dead list:

Korea Garden / KG Sushi Train
Sushi Caliente
Sushi Den
Sushi Sake (downtown)
Yume Sushi Bar and Grill
In their place have risen some new bars during the same 15 months:

AFin Modern Japanese Tapas (was KG Sushi Train)
Bar Chi (was Sushi Sake downtown)
Cho Sushi
Nagoya Steak and Sushi
Roll On Sushi

Check out the new locations on the revised sushi bar map.
Japanese Fun Foods
Japanese "fun" foods are all the rage these days. They are considerably cheaper and generally easier to make than sushi, yet still retain that special Japanese flavor.  A few weeks ago, Osaka Soul opened, selling okonomiyaki (a sort of hybrid pizza/pancake) out of a trailer in the South First Food Court at 603 W. Live Oak. There is also Afin (owned by the same folks who own Beluga) where you can get Japanese Tapas (izakaya - basically, Japanese pub food). Finally, there's yet another food trailer, the Love Ball Bus, at the Eastside Drive-in selling takoyaki (pancake balls filled with octopus and other goodness).

Another New Sushi Bar....
kittyk The friendly folks who run the Sushi-a-Go-Go sushi trailer are opening a brick-and-mortar sushi restaurant soon at 4917 Airport Boulevard. It will be called Kome. Check out their minimalist website (under construction) here:
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