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The Frozen Fish Debate. Is it safer to freeze raw fish before serving? Here's one bru-ha-ha....

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Raw horseflesh ice cream anyone? (The wacky world of Japanese ice cream)

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The City of Austin
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Austin Sushi News #37, October 2004

Hello Kitty Welcome to Austin Sushi News, a friendly by-product of the sushi website for Austin, Texas, Once every month or so, we bring you the latest scoop on sushi bars and related matters in Austin, Texas. You can UNsubscribe at any time by sending email to Subscribe by going to and clicking on the mailing list icon. If you have any problems, please send email to


Sushi Chef Needed

Applied Materials is looking for a "guest" sushi chef to prepare and serve sushi in their corporate cafeteria twice a week from 11AM to 1PM. They would like to start the week of October 18th. According to food services rep Joseph Stoltman, "It would be a good way to promote a
restaurant as our site has over 2000 employees with about 45% eating lunch." If you're interested, contact Stoltman at

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Assorted Sushi News

Rumours are flying that Sandra Bullock may be in on a new Austin sushi concession. She's recently been spotted at several Austin sushi establishments with current beau Jesse James, and apparently asked a few questions. Of course, since Sandy and I are very tight, I can say unequivocally that she definitely is helping to open a new sushi bar in Austin. But, I can't say anything more because it's all too dramatic and she'd totally kill me if I said anything else.

In other news, Eat & Drink Magazine, a new slick color magazine, launched it's first issue. They have pretty color photos of food and the magazine is free. And a website. Nuff said.

wasabiZen Japanese Food Fast is having an all-you-can-eat sushi bash to raise money for the children and teachers of the South Austin Open Door Pre-School. The sushi event will be at Zen's South Congress location only (1303 S. Congress Avenue) on Sunday, October 10th at 1pm. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for children and all proceeds go to Open Door.


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