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Went to Odaku with my family. The sushi was not good at all. I had spicy tuna and spicy salmon. The miso soup was horrible. My husband and daughter enjoyed their chicken terriyaki, and beef terriyaki. It was tasty, but I went for the sushi and was so disappointed.

Houston Sushi

Tokyo Bowl, Houston (more like Clear Lake Area)... has the best sushi! Its small, and cramped.. but the food is amazing!!

Amazon A-Store In The House

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As you know, we've got fun branded clothing and goodies in our Cafepress store, but we now also have an Amazon A-store which is filled with Japanese cookware, foodstuffs, and other junk. Check it out here

SushiMasters 2006

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If you've been living in a cave, or living in Austin, you probably missed SushiMasters 2006, the mega-spectacular sushi-making contest in Sacramento, California, the heart of the U.S. sushi rice industry. No matter, we've got many photos for you to salivate over.

Dishola Lives

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We're happy that our friends are happy. And we mean Find the sushi and other dishes fast! Congratulations to our favorite (other) food site. :-D

Sushi in San Diego

If you are ever in town, try Samurai's Japanese Restaurant located in Solana Beach/Rancho Santa Fe area. Not only does this restaurant have awesome ambience, their sushi is top quality. My boyfriend and I enjoy the sashimi; it's fresh and melts in your mouth EVERY single time. Try their chef special roll if you get a chance. It's a baked scallop roll that will definitely fill you up. Samurai's lunch and dinner entrees are delicious too. We enjoy the scallop tempura. I would highly recommend this restaurant for fine japanese dining and service. Price isn't that bad either.

New York Sushi-- One of the best places is Hakubai at the Kitano Hotel in midtown Manhattan

This place is great. We tried one of their pre fixe menus to sample all the delicacies. I got to try jelly fish. This hotel is the only Japanese-owned hotel in the city. We were the only Americans in the restaurant too. I took it as a good sign that it was an authentic place for sushi.