My Favorite Sushi Place - Kimchi Sushi


I want to put in a good word for Kimchi Sushi in Lincoln Village off I-35 near Highland Mall. I usually get yellow tail and salmon sashimi there, and it's always fresh. They are also very generous with the size of the pieces. They have great Korean food too, in case you are going to dinner with the sushi-phobic. It's not a hip or trendy place, but it's quietly pleasant and spacious. The people who run the place are very friendly, and the staff is always quick with refills on hot green tea. I also like going there because I never have to wait to be seated. In fact, I worry that they don't have enough business sometimes, so GO!

by mcap on Thu, 2003-07-03 00:39
Nothing like a Sushi bar that doesn't turn its inventory quickly....

by mhb13 on Thu, 2003-07-03 09:05
Rapid turn-over makes fresh sushi, no doubt. However, I did not want to give the impression that Kimchi Sushi's fish isn't fresh due to lack of business. It's been fresh each time I've gone. It just that I tend to go out to eat sushi at off-peak times of the day because I don't like to wait. So my impression that they aren't busy is most probably due to when I go. :)