tokyo steakhouse at the "y" in oak hill


restaurant in the HEB shopping center at the "Y" in oak hill.

service is average.

the food and sushi is definitely sub par. i think these people saw the trend in japanese restaurants opening in the austin area and decided to throw their hat into the ring.


i went there on three different occasions about a month in between each visit.(i like to support the local business).

the sushi is average to below average. rice had no flavor at all. pieces were a bit small.
the hibachi table was average. great show for the kids!(what hibachi table isn't?)
and finally, the tempura. holy bat dung! I could have made this better if i had stayed at home.(probably should have)

THREE STRIKES and yer outta here! don't waste your sushi dollars here. it is worth the drive out of oak hill to get good quality sushi and japanese food.

i'll stick with musashino and sushi sake.

hey, this is just my opinion of going there three times. whether you want to chance it or not, it's your cash. (can i interest you in some swamp land i've got???.......)

by goldnray on Wed, 2003-11-05 11:12
sorry i should have put this in rants and raves