Has anyone else tried Umi? Its changed! (for the better)


I just went to Umi last night. It had been almost six months I guess since I had gone. With all these new sushi bars in town you kinda get detracted from your old hangouts. But WOW what a difference. They have a great new menu, food highlighting more sashimi inspired dishes. It kinda reminds me of what Uchi is trying to do, but it is half the price. We had some nigiri too, what an improvment. I talked to one of the chefs, he said the new managment had changed the fish purveyer to the same people that kenichi and uchi and mushushino all use, just to try to keep up. I agree, the fish was as good as the best places in town, but my tab for two was only $60 + tip. I was shocked, have;nt gotten off that light since gas was $0.99 a gallon. I think this place had a nice facelift, you should try it and see what you think!


by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 2004-04-22 23:56
Yes...Umi has become quite the contender. I have been so pleased by their new menu that we dine there every Friday evening now. Their fish has been wonderfully fresh and their new appetizers have satisfied this picky lady's need for the nuevo, while still keeping within a budget. The atmosphere is nice without being too fussy. Also, the music selection has been a pleasant surprise. Good job Uchi!

by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 2004-04-24 01:20
Since moving to town, I've been to Musashino, Uchi, Umi and Mikado. (Umi and Mikado in the last two weeks.) I've done the Nigiri combo at all of them. Umi, perhaps because it's fresher in my memory than Uchi or Musashino, is probably my top ranked, if only because it was significantly less expensive than either Uchi or Musashino. I remember them both being good sushi, but not blowing me away. I was at Mikado tonight and, while quite good (tough to go wrong with bluefin toro), I think I had a better experience at Umi. I guess this just means that I have to visit them all again.

by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 2004-04-28 19:35
I went to umi last night with some friends, and while the quality of fish has changed for the better, (toro was a bit gristley),it's easy to see why. These guys are totally copying Uchi. I find progessive sushi hard to take when not done absolutely right. It's easy to tell that the chefs at Umi are not well enough versed in classical japanese cuisine. It's as a result of this that their dishes always seem a little off kilter with your mouth. Stick to the basics here and you will be okay. (If just)