Uchi at the new Alamo Drafthouse, 3/9 7:00 PM


This is Mike from Uchi.

To celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Alamo Drafthouse at 1120 South Lamar, Uchi will be cooking for a special screening of Rashomon. Tickets are $40 and all profits benefit the Capital Area Food Bank. In addition, each guest will also receive a $25 Uchi gift card!

The menu will be:

Hydroponic english cucumber "noodles" with radish sprouts and a yuzu vinaigrette

Deep fried brie discs with fuji apples

Japanese lobster canapes with blueberries and roasted macadamias

white tuna and organic watermelon sashimi

Ume boshi meshi stuffed quail

broiled chilean sea bass kasuzuke

"apple jacks" - smoked freshwater eel with greentea ice cream and a balsamic reduction

You can get more information at http://www.originalalamo.com/lamar/frames.asp . Look in the calendar under March 9.

by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2005-02-22 09:33
Only $50 a ticket! Yummers!

by mcap on Tue, 2005-02-22 12:31
Sorry, it is $50 per person, not $40, as stated in my original post.

by mcap on Tue, 2005-02-22 17:53
Also, the choice of a beer or a cold sake is included in the price.

by pwang on Tue, 2005-02-22 22:52
hi mike, can you confirm the gift card thing? I didn't see any mention of it on the alamo drafthouse web site... thanks, peter

by mcap on Wed, 2005-02-23 10:35
I'm confirming that customers for Rashomon will receive a $25 card for Uchi. It was left out by mistake on the drafthouse web site, but I wanted to make sure austinsushi readers knew about it.