Stripmall Sushi


I have likely driven past the Belluga Sushi restaurant (directly across from DELLs headquarters on 1325/Louis Henna) several dozen times over the last few weeks without taking much notice of it. One night at a friends dinner party I kept hearing of it's name and the theme of the night seemed to be "great sushi food in Austin". It's still a mystery to me why they chose to stick it in a strip mall tucked away behind an A&W - but as a long time Sushi eater I assure you it's fantastic. It's also deceptive - when you walk in, it's an intimate setting, more trendy and upper scale than what you'd expect from it's surrounding businesses. If you want to treat yourself to a fantastic dinner - go to Belluga, it's worth the drive.


by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 2006-01-27 00:13
THIS restaurant has the WORST service I have ever had.