Korea Gardens


The last review of this place was done THREE years ago ... that's pretty disappointing.

I used to live in Tokyo and then San Francisco, both of which had great sushi. I was really impressed with Korea Gardens' stuff – I could give a flip about "innovation", all I know is the tekka was the best tasting I ever remember. None of their fish had funky dyes or preservatives. It was a really good place.

Also just went to Uchi for the first time ... eh. There is NO WAY its standard rolls and sashimi were any better than Korea Gardens, which has (as anyone does) much more reasonable prices. I realize that 3/4 of the Uchi experience is the ambience (which yes, is luxe and gorgeous), but I'd rather pocket my extra $40 and buy something for my home, having eaten as good or better sushi.

by outsider on Sun, 2006-07-02 13:00
I have been hearing things about Korea Gardens since I've moved and I just now got around to checking it out. I think the Yellow Rose across the street scared me off. But I went on Friday and it was awesome. I ate a LOT, tried all my usual staples and they were all great. Best of all, the bill was less than half what I've spent at any Sushi place in Austin. I give Korea Gardens a thumbs up. A U S T I N O U T S I D E R Austin, Texas art, music, culture, food, love & sin!

by hooliganyouth on Mon, 2006-08-07 16:03
The baby octopus roll is daunting but extremely tasty. The sushi happy hour there is top notch as well. I haven't tried any of the non-sushi dishes but some people I know swear by the food.

by mcap on Wed, 2006-02-08 13:58
I'll have to check it out