Help! Bachelorette party - need recommendations...


I need recommendations for a sushi bar fairly close to 6th Street. This is for a Thursday night 5/10/07 and I would like to make reservations for about 10 people. Somewhere with great food and nice, fun decor. Also, good cooked items a must for those in party that don't eat sushi. Thanks!

by admin on Fri, 2007-03-16 15:37
Finn and Porter is the closest I'd suggest... Maiko and Kenichi are a bit farther away...

by chrisycram on Fri, 2007-04-06 19:36
Reserve the private room at Maiko. We ended up there by chance a few weeks ago for a birthday celebration. We had been at happy hour at the Belmont and really only went to Maiko for the proximity. It was a Friday night and the private room was the only space they could accommodate a party of 12 on short notice. Here's the best part: there's a plasma screen with karaoke setup in the room. We had such a great time and the food was very good too. I think it'd be perfect for a bachelorette party! NOTE: not sure if there's usually a charge or food minimum to use the room so you should ask if you're interested.