Mizu for amazing sushi


Mizu, a recently opened sushi bar on 620 near 71, has the freshest fish and most amazing flavor combinations of any restaurant in Austin. Mizu was conceived by a network of sushi chefs and servers from amongst Austin's elite sushi world: Kenichi, Silhouette/Pango, and Finn & Porter, to name just a few. With a unique attitude, and truly creative gourmet cuisine, Mizu easily lures its customers away from the same old tired rolls and nigiri--where else can you find snapper sashimi in a strawberry and mint coulis sauce? For those of us who cannot abide by America's avocado obsession, the chefs--Tommy and San-- are happy to substitute tart green apple, which transforms rolls into a textural and flavorful delight. The chefs and servers are friendly and good-natured, and are happy to suggest the freshest fish of the day. From the menu, the escolar sashimi is beautifully prepared, and unlike some of the other few local restaurants that serve escolar, the cuts are professionally carried out, and the flesh is firm, sweet and subtley briny. Additionally, the chirashi, a dish that economically provides a quilt of sashimi fishes upon a bed of wonderfully-seasoned and perfectly steamed rice, can be customized to your tastes, and is always brought to the table as beautiful as a still-life painting. I have to admit, however, that my favorite items cannot be found on the menu. The kaiden roll contains yellow-tail, and green apple, amongst other delicious ingredients, and the thick slabs of tuna over the top of the roll are flame-torched briefly to contribute a smoky twist. I have to admit that my favorite dish, also not on the menu, is the Uni Tempura. The Uni and rice are carefully wrapped in a seaweed blanket, and deep fried only long enough for a light crispy crust forms around the outside; when you bit into it, the warm, creamy uni perfectly combines with the crunch of the shell and the soft, seasoned rice. It's not just the food that I love about Mizu--they carry a lower-sodium tamari instead of the overly salted soy sauces offered by most other restaurants around town, and their chopsticks are a good step up from the splintery pull-apart variety we have all, sadly, become aquainted with. Last, but by far not least, are the delicious cocktails that are the brain-child of bar maestro Pearl. Pearl's "rose water" cocktail requires a several hours reduction of fresh fruit into a complex syrup that is later blended with raspberry liqueur, strawberry vodka, lemon and lime juice. Her infused sake's are similarly delicious. The decor at Mizu is minimalist, with tall ceilings and white lights contributing to the calming atmosphere. Do not, however, bring a large group, as seating is limited. If you'd like a relaxed evening, come on Sunday through Wednesday to avoid the crowds. Bring your friends on Wednesday, which is happy hour day.

by yum yum on Fri, 2008-01-04 15:19
I live out here in the Lake Travis area and I couldn't get anybody to tell me how the sushi was at Mizu. I read this review and felt confident that the sushi would be good. Boy was I wrong, it was fabulous!! By far my favorite sushi place near me.

by mcap on Tue, 2008-01-08 12:27
Wow, you sound like a really, really happy customer. If you work for Mizu, just fess up before posting something about it. Silhouette/Pango and Finn & Porter are among "Austin's elite sushi world?" You have got to be kidding me. There are two restaurants I'd classify as Austin's elite sushi restaurants and these ain's them. Sushi served with apples, now where did I see that in Austin three years ago...

by tofu on Fri, 2008-01-18 15:30
The reason for it is they mispelled the owners name wrong. its sanh. To put it plainly, sushi chefs move around alot... it's more of your favorite sushi chef than restaurants that leave an impression of who they are and where they go. finn and porter had some of the best fish available at the time until the head chef changed. Mizu had the best fish when i stopped picking it up from the airport shipped from new york.. And i am sure you would agree morimoto nyc is one of the best, my last work place. Oh, i'm tommy by the way and i started mizu.. bit happy bit sad... about the place ..but striving for the best as i realize in nyc.. I think my sushi justed moved.

by Joe Prescott on Fri, 2008-06-20 09:00
Presentation: 8/10 Sushi Taste: 7/10 Location atmosphere: 6/10 Service: 9/10 Price: 5/10 High Sushi's are very small, so if you are hungry go somewhere else.

by genpolson on Tue, 2008-12-23 05:30
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