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W Hotel Sushi,? Uchi Expands, Wasabe (sic), Geisha, and Krispy Kreme!

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The (old) news that Austin may get a swanky "W" Hotel has heated up recently with news that their reps have been "talking" to various local sushi restaurants about partnering on the in-house sushi bar for the hotel. The "W" is expected to be built on Block 21 of the 2nd Street district.

And speaking of the 2nd Street district....that sign next to Taverna announcing the new Sushi Sake location is still in the window, but nothing seems to be happening in the space. Any ideas? Let us know.

Uchi is going to expand their current location with a sister restaurant (separate entrance, sushi bar, etc) that will be reservation-only and have about 40 seats. Name to be determined.

New Sushi Bars Cometh And Goeth

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New sushi bars are here......

Tomo, at 4101 W. Parmer Lane (phone: 512-821-9472), and Maru, at 4636 Burnet Road (phone: 512-458-6200). Post your reviews in our forums.

The Austin sushi landscape is leveling out these days with some old sushi bars leaving while others are breaking new ground.

New Sushi Sake Coming Soon

Mimosa and Jade are gone while Sushi Sake and Origami are expanding. Origami has opened Origami Express at the Northwest corner of Burnet Road and Anderson Lane, while Sushi Sake is opening a second loca

Consumer Reports On Salmon

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The August issue of Consumer Reports magazine exposes the treachery of salmon wholesalers who try to pass off farm-raised salmon as wild salmon. The article linked here cites both health and cost concerns, as well as mislabeling:

"Of 23 supposedly 'wild' salmon fillets we bought last November, December, and March, during the off-season for wild-caught salmon, our analysis found only 10 that were definitely caught in the wild."

Farm-raised salmon, it turns out, has higher concentrations of pollutants than wild salmon, so wholesalers want to pass off their salmon as wild whenever possible.

Still, America loves salmon, apparently, and it's good for you too:

Bad Service at Sushi Sake

I recently had lunch at Sushi Sake with three co-workers. I ordered the sushi special of the day and eagerly waited for its arrival. Everyone else received their food promptly, but I was informed that mine would quickly follow. One co-worker mistakenly received steamed rice instead of the fried rice that he ordered. This was quickly corrected. Meanwhile, I continue to wait for my food. Eventually everyone else at the table is finishing their large portions and it is almost time to return to work. At this point I am looking for the “server” so that I can cancel my order. I am ignored.

It is at this moment that we notice that there is a similar problem at the table next to ours. A lady is trying to cancel her hand roll order because her party had already finished eating lunch. Instead of canceling the order, a gentleman in a tie came to the table. He had a hand roll and told the woman that because it is already made she must eat it. We could not believe what we were hearing! RE-Launch party today at Maiko!

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You got it right. Today, June 30th, 2006, at Maiko, 311 W. 6th Street, from 5:30-7:00pm, will have a little happy hour to celebrate our victory over the forces of evil. We've been busy re-creating the number one, totally free web site that exists solely to pimp sushi and Japanese food in Central Texas. Seemingly pointless, yet fun! Come hang out and enjoy Maiko's happy hour prices!

What's Up With Maru On Burnet?

Does anyone out there know what's up with a possible new Japanese restaurant on Burnet, just across from the new Sampaio, north of 45th Street? That location used to be a Chinese restaurant that never seemed to have any customers. There's a big sign that says "Maru Japanese Restaurant" up, but construction seems to be taking forever. Rumors, gossip, or actual factual information welcome.

Uchi Now Open Sundays

Hello, this is Mike from Uchi. Congratulations on the new design at I wanted to let everyone know that we are now open on Sundays for dinner from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM. The bar opens at 5:00 PM.

We are redesigning our web site, . The new site should be up in August. Also, look for an Uchi extension coming in the winter of 2006.

As always, I'd love to hear any and all comments from readers. Please PM me.

Welcome to the NEW!

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We're back with a more succulent venue for spewing forth your pithy diatribes.

The good news is that, if you previously had an account in the old AustinSushi forum, that same username is already working on this site. You just have to click on the Request A New Password link. Your old password will not work.

If you're new user, you can sign-up for a free account by clicking on the New User link.

Buy Our Crap!

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The NEW has got some branding love! Our sushi-crazy designer has created a store full of designs to captivate lovers of our clean, contemporary new look. Like, check out these samples:

Local Sushi Online

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D.K.'s Seoul Sushi bar now has a revamped web site featuring pictures of his ongoing bawdy Monday night karaoke gig. The gig is notorious for its mix of Sake Bombs, sushi, verbal shenanigans, and, on occasion, breasts. Joe Bob says check it out. ( )

Also, one of our favorite freelance sushi chefs now has his own web site. Nat Sawatphadungkij can turn your party into a festival of fish flesh at surprisingly affordable prices. ( )